September 21, 2008

Sidebar -- Davis Cup Update

As I feared, today Spain's Davis Cup team ended the U.S.'s hopes of winning their second team championship in a row.

Earlier this morning Rafael Nadal beat Andy Roddick in three sets to put his team up an insurmountable 3-1. It was basically inevitable -- when was the last time Rafa lost on red clay? (The Spanish eventually won all four singles matches to trounce the U.S. 4-1.)

Spain goes on to battle the winner of the Russia-Argentina series in November. Since my first choice won't be playing in the finals, in the name of good sportsmanship, I hope Spain follows through to win their third Davis Cup title. (I mean, c'mon -- look how happy they are for each other! That's what I mean by camaraderie!)

Congratulations to all, and ¡Viva España!


John said...

A very happy day for me as Argentina will play in the final. Spain will be a tough opposition but there is other aspect of our game that we can use against them.

Del Potro has been the newest sensantion in World Tennis. It will be interesting clash when he takes on Nadal.

He proved himself against the best such as Davydenko or even Roddick. Can't wait for the final.

Anyway, what is your opinion about the Arganrina/Russia game?

Justin Cohen said...

Great article and Great Blog!

I think USA played incredible this weekend, despite losing. Querrey's four set loss to Nadal on Day One, as well as Roddick's thrilling five-setter against David Ferrer, proved that the Americans can actually play good tennis on a huge stage on RED CLAY.

I think the Spain vs. Argentina final in November will be outstanding. I think if Del Potro is still playing remarkable tennis in November and Nalbandian rises to the occassion, which he is capable of doing, the Argentine's definitely can beat the Spaniards.

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